A Great Success Story from Down Under!

Waterplay was thrilled to receive a visit from Kent and Leanne Sansom, owners of Oakvale Wildlife Park, NSW, Australia. With the success of their Splash Pad which opened in Dec of 2016, they are now looking to further expand their water play space and had lots of exciting news to share.

  First time bringing your little ones to the splash pad? Planning a trip to the water park this season? Whatever your aquatic adventure, have these key items ready for a day full of splashes: Swimwear (arrive ready to play!) Sunscreen Hats & sunglasses Towels & beach blankets Swim diapers Snacks & drinks (stay hydrated!) Toys... Continue Reading →

"With a huge tunnel waterslide as well as two smaller slides, a dumping bucket and several fountains and water soakers, the kids had an absolute ball. Even after the longest time, we had to tear them away for dinner. Fortunately they had the promise of even more waterpark fun the next day..." Click here to... Continue Reading →

"To entice children away from the myriad of technological activities available today, outdoor play spaces need to be new and exciting... Modern, innovative equipment can capture kids’ attention and bring them back to the playground." Read about the evolving role of outdoor play spaces and equipment design. Click here to view article.

Spray Parks Key in 2016 Aquatic Trends

"Spray parks have made a big splash as a common replacement for aging swimming pools, particularly because they still provide the community with aquatic experiences without the high operating costs of traditional pools." NRPA's Dec 2016 Aquatic Trends article by George Deines, highlights the rising popularity of spray parks alongside the growth of aquatic centers and... Continue Reading →

From play zones and sequencing to water flow and maintenance, there are a number of key design strategies when it comes to building an outstanding splash pad. This article by our team at Playground Planners provides a helpful overview for anyone considering a splash pad or aquatic play project: VIEW ARTICLE. About Playground Planners A team of... Continue Reading →

(Published in the July 2015 issue of Rec Management) Water is a powerful medium. Not only vital to our existence, it provides a profound source of enjoyment in our lives—unlocking our innate desire to play, laugh and explore the world around us. The aquatic play pad or spray park harnesses this medium to provide a... Continue Reading →

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