Inclusivity + Waterplay Toddler Creatures

Toddlers engage with play in an entirely different way that’s unique to their life experiences and developing abilities – that means they need play features with specific requirements that facilitate their needs. Let’s take a quick deep dive into our new Toddler Creatures and inclusivity. ✔ Bright and inviting colours✔ Friendly aesthetic  ✔ Gentle and predictable... Continue Reading →

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Employee Spotlight – Meet Lisa

Lisa d'Entremont Lisa is one of our Regional Sales Managers. She lives and works out of Montreal, and yes, she is fluent en francais and supports the Habs (one of Canada’s original 7 NHL teams, the Montreal Canadiens). Her territory is vast. Lisa has been bringing splash-park fun to communities in Canada, Europe , and... Continue Reading →

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Employee Spotlight – Meet Andrew

Andrew runs our quality control and installation group. He’s been with our company for more than six years, always improving, assisting, training and leading.  Andrew at Play! Every year at the start of the year, our employees set performance goals and one must be a personal goal. It doesn’t need to be job related but... Continue Reading →

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Employee Spotlight – Meet Alesha

3D graphic artist by day, historical Viking re-enactor and archer by night. Alesha is one of our Viz (Visualization) Team graphic designers. She creates the renders that are so realistic, you might think you’re looking at a photograph. How Alesha Plays! When she’s not focusing on perfecting the pixels of water cascading from a Mega... Continue Reading →

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The Magic of Puddles — Why Waterplay Puddles Matter

Guest Post By: Dr. Beverlie Dietze. With a shared commitment to connect the world through play, we are excited to present to you the following guest post by Dr. Beverlie Dietze, an internationally-known author, researcher and expert in the field of early childhood education and outdoor play. It's Not just a Puddle to Splash in ...... Continue Reading →

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Your Guide to Splash Pad Maintenance

Ensure your aquatic play space thrives all throughout the season with our Splash Pad Maintenance Guide. It's packed with resources to keep your park in peak condition!

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Why Children Need Access to Blue Space

The Relationship to Health, Wellness and Academic Success The Importance of Water Play The importance of water play for and with children has long been established. Theorists, including Frobel, Dewey and others identified that water play contributes to laying the foundation for logical mathematical thinking, science reasoning, and cognitive problem solving.[1] Water play provokes children’s... Continue Reading →

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