A Great Success Story from Down Under!

Waterplay was thrilled to receive a visit from Kent and Leanne Sansom, owners of Oakvale Wildlife Park, NSW, Australia. With the success of their Splash Pad which opened in Dec of 2016, they are now looking to further expand their water play space and had lots of exciting news to share.

VIDEO: Parque Ribera Bio Bio Splash Pad

Long awaited by the municipality of Chiguayante in south Chile, this park space was designed to recover abandoned grounds next to the historic river Bio Bio. The splash pad is the first part of a larger project to connect the surrounding neighbours with the river, and at the same time provide a safe and exciting environment for kids to play.

Playground experts Urbanplay Chile worked with Waterplay to select a combination of tall sprays, buckets and ground sprays to engage kids of all ages while also accommodating users with different capabilities. Bright colours create a fun, cheerful and welcoming space for the local community. The splash pad represents the first phase of a 17.000 square metre initiative that will include playgrounds, sports facilities, landscaping areas and other services.