"With a huge tunnel waterslide as well as two smaller slides, a dumping bucket and several fountains and water soakers, the kids had an absolute ball. Even after the longest time, we had to tear them away for dinner. Fortunately they had the promise of even more waterpark fun the next day..." Click here to... Continue Reading →

VIDEO STORY: How a small town made a big splash.

"This is exactly our vision and what we wanted when we decided to build a splash park. We wanted a place of joy." See how the small, rural community of Clearwater, British Columbia turns their splash pad dream to reality with the help of recreation experts RecTec Industries.

Crowds gathered to get splashed at this new water play park in Parramatta, Australia for its official opening this past weekend. The fun, modern design brings new energy to Dundas Park and creates a refreshing leisure space for local families.

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