Inclusivity + Waterplay Toddler Creatures

Toddlers engage with play in an entirely different way that’s unique to their life experiences and developing abilities – that means they need play features with specific requirements that facilitate their needs. Let’s take a quick deep dive into our new Toddler Creatures and inclusivity. ✔ Bright and inviting colours✔ Friendly aesthetic  ✔ Gentle and predictable... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Growing a healthy brain through water play

From the gentle flowing water of a stream to the exhilarating splashes of a dumping bucket, aquatic environments are packed with diverse opportunities for play and discovery.  This video guide by our team at RecTec Industries Inc. maps out the  cognitive and sensory benefits of aquatic play for all ages and abilities.  

Waterplay® Solutions launches new innovative design and technology across its aquatic play features, activity towers and water management solutions. Kelowna, Canada—Dec 12, 2016—Waterplay® is excited to present a new generation of product solutions for aquatic play spaces around the world. This exciting launch includes over 125 re-designed freestanding features packed with play value and optimized water... Continue Reading →

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