Waterplay Releases Cirque, a New Product Collection

Waterplay® Solutions Corp. presents Cirque, a theatrical collection of play features designed to create an aquatic spectacular for all ages to enjoy.

Kelowna, Canada—September 23, 2015— Waterplay® presents Cirque, a collection of water features that bring the magic and mischief of the circus tent to the aquatic play pad. With interactive functions built throughout the line, this new collection puts waterplayers in the spotlight.Cirque_Park_1

“The concept was to create a fun-filled space where kids get to direct the play, making features perform spectacular water effects that promote interaction and collaboration,” says Jill White, President of Waterplay. Cirque introduces waterplayers to a curious cast of props, full of tricks that push, spin, and twist water to acrobatic heights. Take aim with the Cannonball but watch out for the dumping bucket that will give you a sneaky splash, push down on the Boingo to send water flying into the air, or hide inside the Parasol’s magnificent rain curtain.

Designed by Markus Ehring, world-renowned public designer, the Cirque collection combines playful shapes with majestic colours to create a fun-filled adventure for the whole family. From the looping Aqua-Knot, to the small but mighty Djembe, these features turn any space into an aquatic spectacular. Designed to marvel, delight, and surprise, Cirque is now available to the global market.

About Waterplay

Waterplay® is committed to making the world a better place by offering innovative aquatic play solutions to the global community. Our full suite of products includes play features designed to splash and spray, activity centres, full-scale waterslides, and architecturally-inspired urban features. Visit www.waterplay.com to learn more about our movement to connect the world through play.

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For more information, please contact:

Shanley Hutchinson
Marketing & Communications Manager
+1 (250) 712.3393 extension 109

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