VIDEO: Growing a healthy brain through water play

From the gentle flowing water of a stream to the exhilarating splashes of a dumping bucket, aquatic environments are packed with diverse opportunities for play and discovery.  This video guide by our team at RecTec Industries Inc. maps out the  cognitive and sensory benefits of aquatic play for all ages and abilities.  

Application: Condominium Installation type: Aquatic Play Pad Distribution Partner: Playpoint Singapore Ltd. Highlight: Rain Cap, Spiral Spray, Team Blaster, I-Spy Storm For full project description click here.  

(Published in the July 2015 issue of Rec Management) Water is a powerful medium. Not only vital to our existence, it provides a profound source of enjoyment in our lives—unlocking our innate desire to play, laugh and explore the world around us. The aquatic play pad or spray park harnesses this medium to provide a... Continue Reading →

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