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The Magic of Puddles — Why Waterplay Puddles Matter

Guest Post By: Dr. Beverlie Dietze. With a shared commitment to connect the world through play, we are excited to present to you the following guest post by Dr. Beverlie Dietze, an internationally-known author, researcher and expert in the field of early childhood education and outdoor play. It’s Not just a Puddle to Splash in ……

A Great Success Story from Down Under!

Waterplay was thrilled to receive a visit from Kent and Leanne Sansom, owners of Oakvale Wildlife Park, NSW, Australia. With the success of their Splash Pad which opened in Dec of 2016, they are now looking to further expand their water play space and had lots of exciting news to share.

How FUN can make a difference!

This is a great example of how making things #FUN can really work to change behavior for the better….we are lucky that what we provide is a fun product and is geared towards connecting the world through play!  #betterworld #waterplaydifference #letsplay