A Great Success Story from Down Under!

Waterplay was thrilled to receive a visit from Kent and Leanne Sansom, owners of Oakvale Wildlife Park, NSW, Australia. With the success of their Splash Pad which opened in Dec of 2016, they are now looking to further expand their water play space and had lots of exciting news to share.

VIDEO: Growing a healthy brain through water play

From the gentle flowing water of a stream to the exhilarating splashes of a dumping bucket, aquatic environments are packed with diverse opportunities for play and discovery.  This video guide by our team at RecTec Industries Inc. maps out the  cognitive and sensory benefits of aquatic play for all ages and abilities.  

How FUN can make a difference!

This is a great example of how making things #FUN can really work to change behavior for the better….we are lucky that what we provide is a fun product and is geared towards connecting the world through play!  #betterworld #waterplaydifference #letsplay

The fourth annual Capital One Race for Kids in Kelowna was a huge success this past weekend, with more than 115 people raising over $27,000 For the second year in a row, Waterplay Solutions Corp., sponsored and participated in this major fundraising event supporting the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs. For this “Amazing Race” style... Continue Reading →

If you think the benefits of playtime ended shortly after you learned how to tie your shoes, it may be time to channel your inner kindergartner. Playing can improve your health, happiness, and productivity. Whether it's taking on imaginary dragons OR a game of hopscotch, play is vital to the health of everyone! Here's why...

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