Employee Spotlight – Meet Alesha

3D graphic artist by day, historical Viking re-enactor and archer by night. Alesha is one of our Viz (Visualization) Team graphic designers. She creates the renders that are so realistic, you might think you’re looking at a photograph.

How Alesha Plays!

When she’s not focusing on perfecting the pixels of water cascading from a Mega Soaker, Alesha is focusing on targets. 3D targets to be specific.

A chance encounter with the Kelowna Ulfhednar (a historical Viking reenactment group) combined with Alesha’s interest in mythology and historical military tactics led to her learning to shoot a long bow.

Alesha loves the strategy, skill and physical demands of archery, and in just over a year, has learned to wiled a compound bow and has competed in tournaments.

Alesha in action

Alesha’s Artistic Side

Turns out, the Viking Club has been another avenue for Alesha to show off her artistic side, as she researches, designs and then creates her authentic outfits. Her seamstress skills aside, the fact that she pulls the long bow in these outfits also impresses.

We’re grateful for your artistry at work, Alesha, and glad that you keep finding new avenues to challenge yourself artistically outside of work too.

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