Your Guide to Splash Pad Maintenance

Splash Pad Maintenance - Header

The Value of Splash Pad Maintenance

Regular preventative maintenance saves money in the long run, and downtime for repairs can be all but eliminated when everything is kept in tip-top condition!

Ensure that your aquatic play space thrives all throughout the season with our Splash Pad Maintenance Guide. It’s packed with resources to keep your park in peak condition this season, including:

  • Maintenance tips and tricks
  • Regular step-by-step inspection checklists
  • Parts ordering
  • Video how-to’s

View our Maintenance Guide to get started! Keep Waterplayers smiling and splashing everyday of the week!

Interested in our Seasonal Maintenance Newsletter?

Please kindly fill out the form below outlining the contact information for your team members and we will ensure that they receive regular information on effectively managing and maintaining your aquatic play investment!

We love feedback! Do you know of a maintenance topic that you would like to see featured as part of our seasonal maintenance newsletter? We’re eager to hear about it. Send us your feedback!

Happy Splashing! 💦

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We strive to deliver the highest standard in the industry through the products we offer, the people we employ, our in-house procedures and the partners and suppliers that we work with. At Waterplay, we value the confidence you place in us and stand behind all of our products from concept to completion and beyond.

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