Employee Spotlight – Meet Andrew

Andrew runs our quality control and installation group. He’s been with our company for more than six years, always improving, assisting, training and leading. 

Andrew at Play!

Every year at the start of the year, our employees set performance goals and one must be a personal goal. It doesn’t need to be job related but does need to be measurable and challenge us in some way. Andrew epitomizes the “challenging” aspect, as his personal goals center around his passion for running.

Andrew has been running around BC his whole life. As a kid in North Van, he specialized in the 800 and 1500 m distances at track and field events. As an adult, he’s upped his game considerably. Marathons, ultra marathons (which are as tough as they sound at distances of 50 kms plus) and really, really long runs on trails are now his preferred events.

Andrew’s latest achievement?

Hitting his personal goal of running 135 kms, in six days, and 5,000 meters of elevation. In fact, he beat his goal, finishing that impressive distance (equivalent to running the length of Okanagan Lake) in four days. In June. In Kelowna. In conditions ranging from snow, hail, rain, wind and sweltering temperatures of 30+ degrees C.

Nice work on reaching your goal, Andrew.

And nice work on all that you do for our customers.

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